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Stephine Holderfield

Red America First with Guest Speaker Stephine Holderfield talking about her mission and non-profit Citizens County Defending Freedom. Executive Director of Harris County CCDF – Stephanie served under the Trump administration for 4 years.

April 2024

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Red America First with Guest Speaker Stephanie Holderfeild

09/14/2022 – 9:00pm EST

More About Stephanie Holderfeild

Stephanie Holderfield served most recently as the campaign manager for Dr. Dana Myers for the Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chair, Dr. Jon Spiers for General Land Office, and Presidential Political Appointee with the Trump Administration. During her time with the Trump Administration, she served as  (Acting) Chief of Staff for Custom and Border Protection at the Department of Homeland Security, Chief of Staff for USDA Rural Development’s Rural Business­Cooperative Service, and as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. She was the co-lead of the En Vision Center Initiative, an investment in America’s most important resources. Additionally, she focused on various issues and policy areas, including Native American programs and policies. Before coming to Washington, D.C., Stephanie owned 413 Consulting Group in Mahomet, IL. Her most notable clients included Dr. Ben Carson for President and Donald J. Trump for President. She served as the Illinois State Director for both campaigns. Her consultancy included: strategy, operations, marketing, public relations, workforce development, and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels. She has been a tireless advocate for her hometown community, serving as an elected official on the Champaign County Board, a member of the Champaign County Farm Bureau Legislative Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors for Family Services of Champaign County and Champaign County Board of Realtors. 


Learn More About County Citizens Defending Freedom :

CCDF-USA is an organization that provides the tools and support needed to empower citizens to defend their freedom and liberty, and place local government back into the hands of the people. As patriots have done throughout America’s history, CCDF-USA intends to support and champion American citizens whose freedom and liberty have been breached.

Our values are based upon both the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God as written in the Declaration of Independence. We focus our efforts locally on public and private organizations to ensure compliance with the principles of freedom and liberty, which are endowed by our Creator and guaranteed by America’s founding documents (The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, US Constitution, and Federalist Papers).

We do this through a process which involves uncovering breaches of freedom and liberty, researching and vetting origins and solutions to breaches, presenting our findings and recommended solutions to the officials involved, then working through multiple avenues to bring an organization or official back in compliance with America’s founding principles and values.

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