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Noah Malgeri

Red America First with Guest Speaker Noah Malgeri running for Nevada's 3RD Congressional district. As Congressman, Noah is going to change the rules in their favor AND make the government live by these rules as well.

April 2024

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Red America First with Guest Speaker Noah Malgeri

06/02/2022 – 9:00pm EST

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“The American people have been abandoned by our elites in all the great decisions our country has made in recent years. They don’t think about Americans when they go to war, when they slap Americans with taxes and regulations, when they allow dangerous people to teach American children to hate themselves and this great country.

This is unacceptable. My life’s work has been helping Americans navigate the rules. As Congressman, I’m going to change the rules in their favor AND make the government live by these rules as well. This is my top campaign promise to the people of Nevada and the United States.“

-Noah Malgeri


Critical race theory (CRT) or “wokism” is no longer just the fixation of college professors- it’s driving policy in our government, corporate institutions, military, and, worst of all, our public and private schools.

Nobody wants our children to be taught to hate themselves. Nobody wants to delete our history in favor of Marxist dogma. Nobody that is except elite liberals and their radical allies on the streets.. I pledge to defund CRT and drive it out of the American political mainstream as well as our school curricula.

The corruption in our country is the worst our generation has ever seen. There are now explicitly two systems of justice: an evil one, deployed by elites against their adversaries in; and another that legitimizes and hides the crimes of the elite.
This situation is totally at odds with the American idea of equal justice for all. We must remain subject to laws, not men. I will fight to expose public corruption, lying, and actual crimes of the elite through the use of legislation and oversight power.

As an unapologetic Christian and proud father, I am 100% Pro-Life. I will defund Planned Parenthood, expose the butchery of the abortion industry, and protect State and Local governments who move to promote life.

The Chinese Communist state is a global menace. They will stop at nothing in order to become the world’s superpower and bring America down in the process. Indeed, they have already launched a hot war against us. China uses our corrupt elites to weaken our borders, force the poison fentanyl on our population, devalue our currency, and promote unrest.

Worst of all, the Chinese military created COVID and deployed it to cripple our economy, weaken our institutions, and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans. Meanwhile, our fake president Joe sleeps while America declines before our eyes.. This must end- I will make China pay reparations for all the destruction they cause with maximum diplomatic and financial sanctions until they make us whole.

I will also build back American industry to eliminate American dependency on China and states vulnerable to Chinese influence. For Nevada, this means reviving her great, historic mining industry. As a former military and international lawyer who has practiced law in three continents and during war and peacetime, I know how to get this done.

The Right to Bear Arms is an essential American liberty. I will work vigorously to halt all attempts at unconstitutional federal gun control and work to give back the liberties taken from Americans.

COVID-19 is being used by our enemies to destroy our civil liberties, and they don’t plan to restore them. This is no accident; it is coordinated and by design. The COVID madness will never end without strong, organized opposition.

We have the tools to prevent the USA from becoming a COVID police state. All we need to do is follow the Constitution.

As an accomplished attorney and conservative who knows what it takes to defend personal freedom, I will fight to preserve what generations of Americans have purchased with their blood.

Sometimes called the “fourth branch of government,” the federal administrative state (admin state), technically part of the Executive Branch, comprises most of the federal agencies that conduct the vast majority of all federal interaction and business with citizens. The admin state comprises all the familiar “letter agencies” such as the FDA, CDC, DHS, CBP, TSA, SEC, NASA, FAA, DoT, Patent Office (PTO), IRS, BLM, Department of Education (Ed) and many, many others. The heads of the various agencies typically are political appointees nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. These agency heads work for the President, with some (inadequate) oversight provided by Congress.

As the central government has grown to record proportions, the admin state has experienced an explosion in power and influence. This has brought many negative effects. The admin state uniquely possesses and exercises all three of the powers Constitutionally assigned to the actual three branches of government. That is, the admin state includes courts and judges, executive authority, as well as rulemaking or legislative authority. However, with all these powers resident in one agency, absent the protections of checks and balances so emphasized by our founders, the admin state is particularly susceptible to improper outside influence (corruption), and improper internal influence from the presidential administration.

Such influence is normally attempted, often with great success, by the private industries such agencies regulate or which can profit from the agency’s services. When an industry succeeds in exercising effective control over an agency, this is sometimes called “regulatory capture” or simply “capture.” Most recently, we have observed this phenomenon play out in spectacular fashion in the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma appears to have completed captured the FDA.

An example of improper internal influence would be the case of the teachers’ unions drafting CDC guidance to be issued regarding COVID response measures in schools. In that case, the Biden admin, which depends on teachers’ unions, improperly permitted those unions to in effect, create federal policy guidance that favored their constituents.

The administrative state is funded through appropriations originating in the Congress. As the branch paying the bills, Congress is supposed to exercise oversight over the way the administrative state operates. Often, however, Congress fails in this role. One reason for this persistent failure may be that the same corporate interests that work hard to influence the admin state also commit huge sums of money to lobbying members of Congress at the same time.

One of the most unbelievable, complete regulatory failures by any admin agency in recent memory is represented by the current state of operations conducted by the DHS at our southern border. One fundamental requirement for the DHS is to secure the border. The Secure Fences Act of 2006 requires that the DHS ensure “the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism, narcotics, and other contraband.” Obviously, not only does the DHS ignore this law, but it actually spends our tax dollars violating the law (and others) itself, for example by transporting and resettling illegal border crossers all over the country. Nonetheless, Congress has yet to defund the DHS border operations.

Congress needs to get serious about exercising its oversight role to hold administrative agencies accountable for the trillions of US tax dollars they spend. I pledge to do just that.

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