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Kelly Nash

Red America First with Guest Speaker Kelly Nash running for Alaska's State House District 31. Founder of Interior Patriots and ready to go to Juneau and really represent the mainstream, everyday Alaskan.

April 2024

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Red America First with Guest Speaker Kelly Nash

07/06/2022 – 9:00pm EST

More About Kelly Nash

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My Name Is Kelly Nash And My Home Has Been Fairbanks For Over 40 Years.

I was born at Ft. Ord, near Monterey Ca in 1971 where my father was a Cobra pilot and my mom was able to stay home and raise our family.

 After the Vietnam War, our family moved to Alaska to explore and embrace all it had to offer. After graduating from West Valley in 1990, I discovered a passion for helping people and a joy in building people up through personal styling, I found my career when I entered New Concepts Beauty school. For the past 28 years I have been serving the people of Fairbanks. In 2006, I decided to start my own business and have been navigating the ins and outs of small business management ever since.

I have two amazing daughters, an awesome son-in-law, and the most beautiful granddaughter. 

I am fully invested in Fairbanks and Alaska. I am ready to work towards building a future that the next generation of my family and yours can thrive in, Not just survive in.

Several years ago I noticed a change in our country, state and town. I became aware of the huge impact government actions were having on small businesses and working families. When the Covid lockdowns were implemented, many Alaskans, myself included, were deemed nonessential. I knew it was time to get politically active.

Today I am ready to go to Juneau and really represent the mainstream, everyday Alaskan. I am ready to let Juneau know that small business owners, employees and customers are the backbone of Alaskan communities and we can’t bee deemed non-essential ever again! In Juneau I will represent Alaskans like you, not big bankers, mega corporations, big oil or anyone else. I am ready to be your voice.

I officially started Interior Patriots in March of 2021. 

Grassroots patriots, the people, were ready to start pushing back against the tyranny that was happening in our state. We started with fighting for the children, the next generation. We reminded our local school board that children have Constitutional rights and we would not stand by and just watch. We were able to educate officials and pressure powers to get masks off the kids and leave it to choice. We fought back against rank choice voting being implemented at a borough level through education and action, and we won. We fought to not allow vaccine passports in the Borough building and, again, freedom came out on top. We are fighting to have the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee, through the school district, focus on real issues and represent all values. There is so much more we’ve done and are doing at the local level.

The patriots organized and started fighting the legislature on state issues that are important to everyday Alaskans. My organization has been able to pull patriots out of their comfort zones to start testifying at the legislature and emailing. We stood on corners at our local hospital fighting for patients rights. We ordered ivermectin and HHQ and passed it out to people that got sick. We educated people on the vaccine and gave support to those that had their livelihood hanging in the wind over mandates. We still give that support. We testified for our full PFD, and call out the lawmakers who fight still to break the laws.

When I realized We the Peoples voices have been falling on deaf ears I filed for office.
I am Grassroots.

I am a True Conservative. I fully support and live by the US Constitution, the state of Alaska Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence and I will fight daily to maintain those freedoms for all people. 

Send a voice for the people to Juneau, send me, Kelly Nash for State House.
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