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Derek Johnson

Step into the world of Derek Johnson: Billboard Country Music Artist, seasoned historian, and astute military/government analyst. From the soulful melodies that top the charts to his insightful analysis of global affairs, Derek's multifaceted talents captivate audiences far and wide. Join him on a journey where music meets history and geopolitics, crafting a unique blend of artistry and intellect that leaves an indelible mark on hearts and minds alike.

July 2024

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Red America First with Guest Derek Johnson, Billboard Country Music Artist, Historian, and Military/Government Analyst.

06/05/2024 – 9:00pm EST

Derek Johnson Country Music Official Site ->

 “The Blueprint” Official Site ->

Derek Johnson, who is a Billboard Country Music artist, songwriter, and producer along with being a Retired Army Veteran, with a long history of military service in his family that dates to the 1700’s.  His service in the Army was cut short, but he has now stepped up to God’s calling and is now serving his country in a way that only Derek can.  He is a passionate patriot, historian, and military/government analyst. Derek Johnson’s purpose is following God’s mission for him to educate Americans about military laws, orders, publications, regulations, customs, executive orders, our constitution, and our American Founding. Derek created “The Blueprint” at as an educational tool and resource available to the public. It is now available in his #1 Best Seller on Amazon book “The Midnight Rider Rides Again”.

His knowledge of Military Law, Constitutional Law, and Executive Orders along with his Alabama way of breaking down very complicated legal verbiage into language that regular Americans can understand, has been bringing knowledge to the people, even those around the world that America is not lost. There is a biblical plan in place, to protect our Constitutional Republic and its future.  Through the open-source public sites of .mil and .gov, Derek brings the evidence that Donald J. Trump is currently our sitting President known as a Wartime President via Laws and Orders acting as Commander-in-Chief.

Through his appearance on hundreds of podcasts and radio shows over the last year and a half, a documentary that was based on his research and a dynamite book ‘The Midnight Rider Rides Again’ that covers his research (that is freely available on his website:, he succinctly breaks down Executive Orders, law and military optics in our ‘news’ that show all that we are in a Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations Plan, Donald J. Trump is our Commander in Chief and that there is a biblical strategic plan playing itself out for the world to see. 

Derek has been a guest several times at Mar-a-Lago and Trump International and as recent as the first week in April with upcoming trips to Mar-a-Lago later this month.  The podcasts that Derek appear on receive millions of views:  X22 Report, Elijah Streams, and His Glory to name a few and Derek’s book, as previously noted, the ‘Midnight Rider Rides Again,’ is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and has sold close to 20,000 copies since December.  The documentary ‘The Greatest Show on Earth is based on Derek research  and has received over 14 million views.  His social media channels are listed below.
Telegram: (160K followers) (50k followers) (94K followers)
TruthSocial: @derekjohnson (95K followers)
Rumble: @RattleTrap1776 (85K followers)
Instagram: @derekjohnsoncountry 19K followers)
X (Twitter):  @rattletrap1776 (176k followers)
To order his Book: The Midnight Rider Rides Again:
Please make sure you are following the authentic Derek Johnson channels.
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