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Christian Ziegler

Red America First held an interview with Christian Ziegler, the State Chairman of Florida’s Republican Party. The party aims to champion foundational principles such as freedom, responsibility, and accountability, advocating for fiscal sensibility and sustainable economic growth. They are committed to electing figures of integrity who support these solutions.

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mike mc #2

Mike McCormick

Red America First with Guest Mike McCormick , previously Joe Biden’s stenographer. Joe Biden’s presidency will end in impeachment. This Substack will provide proof to accomplish that. My insider knowledge and my access to the Hunter Biden Laptop, evidence will be presented and conspiracies will be revealed — like nowhere else.

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lara logan

Lara Logan

Join Red America First to Gain Insight from Lara Logan and talk about her upcoming series “The Rest of The Story with Lara Logan.” Lara Logan’s candid reporting, often from the most dangerous places in the world, has earned her a prominent place among the world’s best foreign correspondents.

In her role at 60 Minutes, Logan helped us understand the political and human conflicts around the world, including Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine, and Egypt.

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Red America First Patricia Drewes
North Carolina

Patricia Drewes

Red America First with Guest Patricia Drewes,  founder of Forgotten Victims of North Carolina

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Dr David Clements

Red America First with Guest Dr David Clements, Founder of The Professor Record. 09/21/2023 – 9:00pm EST Visit Professor Record’s Website →

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Darin Gaub

Darin Gaub

Red America First interviews Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist, foreign policy analyst, executive leadership coach, ordained Bible minister, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer national and state level organizations.

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Cynthia Alderman

Cynthia Alderman

Red America First with Restore Liberty’s Colorado State Director. It’s primary mission is to ensure the citizens of each sovereign State within the Union of the United States are able to pursue happiness by embracing true liberty, free from central government control beyond their consent.

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Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick

Join Red America First to hear from Mike McCormick. Joe Biden’s presidency will end in impeachment. This Substack will provide proof to accomplish that. Join August 3rd, to discuss my Substack.

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Kai Lorinc

Red America First speaking with Kari Lornic, Hawaii’s Conservative
Voice investigative journalist is not a crime. 
Kai On Your Side 🌺
Champion of Freedom Of Speech. 
And Destroyer Of Fake News

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Red America First Interview Thumbnail for Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace 2

Dave Wallace Joins Red America First to talk about FAIR ENERGY FOUNDATION. ITS PURPOSE is
Educate government, energy industry leaders, and next generation entrepreneurs about how free-market energy policies will produce:
Prosperity – economic opportunity, ingenuity, and rising standards of living globally
Security – economic prosperity produces, dignity, independence, and strength
Humanity – global harmony and universal respect for and among all people

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