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Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes will feature on Red America First on 04/10, discussing Trump’s strategy to tackle global corruption, faith, and resilience.

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Josh powelle red america first

Josh Powell

Red America First with Josh Powell Guest Candidate for Michigan 25th State House District 04/03/2024 – 10:00pm EST Josh Powell Official Site -> In 2022 Democrats took the House, Senate and Governorship in Michigan and wasted no time in ramming through a far-left agenda. Repealing our right to work law, passing red flag laws, spending all of our $9 billion surplus that the Republican controlled legislature had saved up-just for a start. In November of last year two Democratic State Representatives in the Michigan House won their mayoral races making the state house a tie at 54/54. One of

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Dr Naomi Wolf

Dr. Naomi Wolf

Join us to hear from Dr. Naomi Wolf, renowned author, columnist, and CEO of, is set to deliver a thought-provoking speech on 04/03 9pm est. Drawing from her vast expertise in American society and politics, Dr. Wolf is expected to discuss the importance of civic engagement and the role of technology in fostering informed citizenship.

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Dave Wallace

Red America First will feature guest Dave Wallace, a leader with 30 years in business and political activism, emphasizing family, public policy, and free enterprise. Join the event on 03/20/2024.

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Steve Friend Center for Renewing America Non-Profit Title Fellow on Domestic Intelligence and Security Services
Law Enforcement

Steve Friend

Join Red America First on 03/13 at 9pm EST to hear from Steve Friend, ex-law enforcement officer and FBI whistleblower, discussing his book and journey from beat cop to revealing FBI tactics.

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red america first

Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick, formerly Joe Biden’s stenographer and now a guest on Red America First, plans to present evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop to impeach President Biden. His Substack will expose corruption, inviting subscriptions for full access.

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Eric Stevenson for Congress
US Congress

Eric Stevenson

On 2/28, Eric Stevenson, a 20-year Navy veteran running for US Congress in District 13, will speak on Red America First. His campaign focuses on strengthening families, education, and the economy. Support his bid at

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Carolyn Pankalla

Red America First with Guest Carolyn Pankalla founder of Courageous and Free INC. That is not just a place to lay their head, but a place to find hope and be restored.

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Jared Lovelace is running for Congress out of the 10th Congressional District of Texas.

Jared B. Lovelace

Jared Lovelace is running for the 10th Congressional District of Texas. He is taking on an entrenched incumbent of nearly 20 years. This America First candidate is poised to make history!

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rick tsai ohio 6th cd

Rick Tsai

Upcoming “Red America First” online event features Ohio 6th District Congressional candidate Rick Tsai on Feb. 7th at 9 PM EST, emphasizing integrity and voter focus.

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