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Carrie Lawlor

Red America First with Guest Speaker Carrie Lawlor running for Florida's 22nd Congressional district. America, as it was intended by our forefathers, was to be free.  We were not founded by politicians; we were forged by the will of the everyday person who believed in freedom.

April 2024

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Red America First with Guest Speaker Carrie Lawlor

07/06/2022 – 9:00pm EST

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America, as it was intended by our forefathers, was to be free.  We were not founded by politicians; we were forged by the will of the everyday person who believed in freedom.  It is time to go back to our roots.  It is time for the people to take back the government and make it work for us.  It is time to embrace freedom… while we are still free on paper.

It is time to embrace freedom while we are still free on paper

I am an American, a wife, a mother and a Patriot.  I was raised by hard working parents who instilled in me a strong faith in God and the values that made me who I am today.  They fought hard to give me the opportunity to go to college, to be able to speak freely, and to build a better life.  Growing up in Elmhurst, NY gave me the opportunity to experience and embrace the many cultures that make up the American experience.  We are all better together.  As a result, I have been blessed to know people from all walks of life.  My experience in the business, legal, and financial realms provided me the unique perspective on how legislation impacts everyday Americans and that now more than ever, we need to ensure that the government has the people’s interest at the forefront – not the lobbyists.  It is our job to make sure the American dream continues to live on and is not written off as an idea that has no more weight than a fairy tale.  We are America.  Our country was founded by the bartender, the printer, the blacksmith, the everyday common man, the people – and today, we must ensure that our country and its people are free, as God and our forefathers intended.

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