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Red America First with Guest Speakers Bruce Walden and Tanya Shinew-Lange talking about their race for the office of the Governor of Alaska and their priorities if elected.

May 2024

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Red America First with Guest Speakers Bruce Walden and Tanya Shinew-Lange

05/19/2022 – 9:00pm EST

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Our Priorities
Security of our people: families, and children. Human Trafficking is running like wildfire in Alaska and has to stop. Drug Trafficking hand in hand with the dumping of illegal aliens into our state by the Biden administration goes unchecked. Every Alaskan, if any, left behind in Afghanistan by this president must be accounted for, by name.​


Election Reform: Clearly, the 2020 election was stolen and much of that because of Dominion software/hardware. We will audit the 2020 election and seek prosecution of anyone found to have knowingly taken part in the theft in any way. Hand counts have worked since our nation’s founding.


Education: One of Alaska’s greatest weaknesses will become our greatest strength. We approach this knowing it is about the student, not the teacher, not a union and in the final analysis, not even the parent. These students are our future.


The Permanent Fund Dividend: The Permanent Fund Dividend must be restored, and every dime stolen from the Alaskans must be repaid. The Permanent Fund is hovering around $85 billion right now and if they paid out every dime owed to Alaskans we’d still have around $74 billion in there. With oil prices rocketing skyward under the… well, the folks in the White House, we’d make that back up in no time. Many Alaskans rely on that infusion each year.


Real Infrastructure: We will look at the real cost of the Knik Arm Bridge and we will build it. Alaska will become a leader in the Cut and Cover roadway industry by building such systems to move traffic through Anchorage and other such places. Proven “Theater of Operations” bridge and road construction will open up the Western Susitna Valley as well as other areas and will skirt around the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.


Fossil Fuels: There is a coming backlash and a demand for fossil fuels. We will extend the rails from the nearest point now existing to Deadhorse and on to Utqiagvik. We will liquefy natural gas on the Slope, move it to the more temperate South by rail and over the top of Alaska during ice-free months to a storage farm on the Aleutians. We will not accept a dime from China and we will not sell to China.


Employment and Industry: We will bring jobs not only into the rail belt but throughout the state by “bush-sourcing” tech support. My “Gray-Gold” initiative will ease the transition of good ideas to reality. Our greatest natural resource is the gray organ between the ears of our people. We will remove every obstacle possible.


Agriculture: While my opponents talk about it, I know how to make it work. The Western Susitna Valley lies awaiting our farmers, and new farmers from outside our state to move in and begin cultivating. Much of that will be done in hydroponic greenhouses, but we MUST become self sufficient. At the same time we will seek to have the Jones act repealed.


Keep our Best and Brightest at home: We loose a large part of our high school graduates each year as there is nothing for them here. We will give special tax breaks to construction companies willing to build small temporary houses for this generation on a zero-down contract.


Defense of Alaska: I will take the defense of Alaska against some outside force very seriously. Please see my plan on this site.


Fishing Rights: We will find a way to protect our home-grown fishermen from the factory ships that come from outside our state and nation that take Alaskan hatched and Alaska-bound fish.

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