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Adianís Morales

Red America First with Guest Speaker Adianís Morales running for Florida 9th congressional district. HEAL AMERICA was the project that she helped develop in order to awaken the Hispanic community,HEAL AMERICA was the project that she helped develop in order to awaken the Hispanic community, pastors, and churches.

December 2023

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Red America First with Guest Speaker Adianís Morales

08/03/2022 – 9:00pm EST

More About Adianís Morales

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Putting My Experience To Work
Adianís Morales is originally from Puerto Rico, a wife, a mother of three sons, and an ordained Pastor. She started her political journey by working for then-Governor Rick Scott during his senatorial race. HEAL AMERICA was the project that she helped develop in order to awaken the Hispanic community, pastors, and churches in order to guide them to vote according to Biblical values. ​

In 2019, she was the Regional Field Director for Orange, Osceola, and Brevard counties and the State Faith Initiatives Liaison for the Republican Party of Florida, as well as the Trump Victory 2020 Campaign. The results of reaching out to churches were phenomenal in getting No Party Affiliation and Democrat voters registered as Republicans. Her efforts launched her to a position with the Republican National Committee as the Latinos for Trump Director.

She worked on an initiative from the Governor’s office to change the Constitution of Florida in order for our churches never to be mandated by the Government to close again. This bill is now an official mandate (SB254) established in 2022. We should not close our churches and no pastor should ever be arrested for exercising a Constitutional right. Currently, she is the Chaplain for the Orlando Republican Federated Women’s Club, the Central Florida Director for Protect Our Children Project, a board member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee of the Osceola County School District, and an Associate Pastor at Nación de Fe – Main Campus in Kissimmee, Florida. In addition, she collaborates in Faith and Hispanic Engagement with the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Adianís Morales is the most consistent, dependable, trustworthy conservative in the race for CD9, which mainly encompasses the second largest conglomeration of Hispanic voters in Florida. Adianís is not only the most dependable conservative, but she is also the most likely to beat the Democrat incumbent in the general election due to her vast experience in grassroots efforts, political campaigns, and active service in the community.

Let’s make District 9 RIGHT again!

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