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Save Our PFD and Permanent Fund From Attacks on Alaskans’ Common Wealth

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Alaskans – STOP THE RAID! In Juneau, politicians continue stalling, looting our savings accounts, and have been raiding the PFD for 6 years! Politicians continue to avoid their job to make a sustainable fiscal plan and protect the PFD and Permanent Fund. It is the will of the Alaska majority to pass a fair constitutional PFD and fix the fiscal problem without a regressive tax on the Permanent Fund dividend. While a few Alaskans may not "need" the PFD, they are certainly entitled to it by the 1982 statutory formula for the PFD. It wasn't until SB26 was passed in 2015 that the confiscation of the PFD began. This confiscation needs to end. VOTE OUT RAIDERS IN 2022! The current politicians have shown they are unable and unwilling to follow existing law that requires dividend distribution. They’ve found workarounds through the budget process to not pay what the statute says. The only way we can prevent them from looting the Permanent Fund dividend to every Alaskan is to put it in the Constitution.